Advice for brothers and sisters

It is confusing and can be a frightening time when you find out your brother or sister has got cancer, so it is important to talk to your parents and family about what’s going on and how you feel about it.

You might feel upset or left out at times, maybe feel a little jealous of the attention your brother or sister gets because they are ill.

Try to remember that your brother or sister does not want to be ill and that they need you too.

Your brother or sister will miss spending time with you when they have to stay in hospital, they will also be missing out on special events that you are able to go to.

Things you can do when your brother or sister is in hospital:

1. You can go to the hospital appointments with your brother or sister, to ask the doctor questions, or just to feel included.
2. If your brother or sister has exercises to do, you can do the exercises with them.
3. If your brother or sister is in hospital for a long time, keep in touch with them by text, phone or Skype.

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