Children's Rights

Children’s Rights are a list of promises to children and young people to keep them safe. They are used to make sure you are treated fairly and looked after properly.

When something is called a right, it means that nobody can take it away from you. It is yours, and is meant to protect you and help you have a good life.

Your list of rights means that whatever the situation, your health, wellbeing and safety are the most important things. When you want to say something, no matter what it is about - adults have to listen and take notice of what you say and think.

GIRFEC – it stands for ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’ and The Children’s Charter also protect children’s rights so that if a child wants to be listened to or wants to be involved in decisions that affect them, they have a set of rules that protect their rights as a child. Adults have rights to, but these rights are specific to children.

Some examples of Children's Rights are:

  • the right to have a voice in matters that affect children
  • the right to special protection
  • the right to special education and care
  • the right to play and rest
  • the right to health

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