When you go to hospital

There are lots of different people who work in hospitals and it is their job to make you better as quickly as possible - click here to read about them. 

The doctor may ask you to have some tests done so that they can find out what is making you to feel unwell.

Some hospitals have WiFi and some hospitals can lend you iPads. You will be able to keep in contact with your friends with Facebook, Twitter or Skype. You can watch television and dvds.


There may be other children in hospital at the same time as you that you can play with in the play area. Many hospitals have play specialists who can help you find something you enjoy doing, even when you aren't feeling well. 

Mums and Dads are allowed to stay with you in hospital all day long and can even stay at night if you want. Some children like to bring a favourite blanket for their bed or even a pillow.

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