Other people you might meet

There are lots of people who work in the hospital and you will meet many of them.

A nurse will help to give your medicines and treatments, and look after you on the ward.

A hospital teacher will help with your schoolwork, if you feel well enough.

A physiotherapist helps with exercises to keep your muscles strong and working well.

A dietician makes sure you are eating enough of the right kinds of food to help you get well.

A psychologist can help by talking with you if you feel sad or worried or angry and give you some tips to help.

A play specialist can find ways to keep you entertained in the ward, and also helps get you ready for any tests you need.


 A dentist can make sure your teeth are in tip top condition

An outreach nurse (also called a POON) might come to your house to do some tests or talk to you and the grown-ups about your treatment.

A consultant is a doctor who is in charge. They have teams of doctors to help.

A chaplain can help by talking about your worries, or about things that you believe in.

There will be other members of the team you might meet. Lots of new people!