How the doctor helps you to get better

The doctors will plan the best treatment for you and will explain it all. When you start your treatment it might all feel very strange and perhaps a little frightening. You might feel tired or even grumpy about all that is happening to you. That’s okay - it’s normal to feel like that but you will start to feel better after a little while.

Here are some of the ways doctors make children better:

Having an operation - this is when a lump is taken out of the body.
Chemotherapy - this medicine stops or slows down the growth of cancer cells.
Radiotherapy - this treatment is used to kill the cancer cells which shrinks the size of tumours.

Will it hurt? The doctors can give you medicines to help with any pain or feeling sick. Many children are given a 'central line' or 'wiggly' which is like a little tube put into a blood vessel. This can be used to take small amounts of blood for tests.

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Some treatments make you feel tired and some can have other effects like losing some of your hair or putting weight on.  To find out about hair loss and body image click here.