New words you might hear

new or unfamiliar words you hear when going to hospital

Anaesthesia Say: ah-nus-tee-zhia
Anaesthesia is medicine that doctors and nurses give to make people feel comfortable when they're having surgery or stitches removed.

Antibiotics Say: an-ti-by-ah-tiks
These medicines fight germs that make you sick.

Biopsy Say: by-op-see
A small test that gives doctors a look at what's going on inside.

Bone Marrow
Bone marrow is a thick, spongy kind of jelly inside your bones and it makes all kinds of blood cells.

CT Scan or CAT Scan
CT scans are a kind of X-ray that gives doctors a much better picture of what's going on inside the body. Like X-rays, CT scans don't hurt.

Chemotherapy Say: kee-mo-ther-ah-pee
Chemotherapy is the use of special medicines to treat cancer. These medicines are very powerful and sometimes people treated with these medicines lose their hair.

IV Say: i v 
IV is short for intravenous. You can get nourishment, fluids, and medicine through an IV if you are very sick.

Neurologist Say: nyoo-ral-ah-jist
A neurologist is a doctor who helps people who have epilepsy (seizures),  headaches, trouble moving their arms or legs. 

Oncologist Say: on-call-a-jist         This is a doctor who treats patients who have cancer. Oncologists who treat kids are called paediatric oncologists.

Operation Say: ah-per-ay-shun
An operation is also called surgery, and it's when doctors fix something inside the body to make the person feel better.

Radiotherapy uses xrays to treat cancer. This makes the cancer cells die and shrinks the size of the tumour.

Symptoms Say: simp-tums
When you're sick, you usually have symptoms - like a high temperature. Telling a doctor your symptoms, can help him or her figure out what's wrong.

Ultrasound Say: ul-tra-sound
Ultrasound is another way doctors are able to take a look inside the body.

X-ray Say: eks-ray
X-rays are special pictures of the inside of your body. A doctor will decide when you need an X-ray and what body part needs to be X-rayed.