Roles and Responsibilities

•           To act as a support network

•           To share knowledge and expertise

•           To learn from good practice and discuss learning opportunities 

•           To give feedback to group from any conferences, UK or International meetings attended

•           To review clinical guidelines

•           To develop and review national documentation

•           To ensure all nurses aware of training needs and educational resources available

•           To act as a voice representing Paediatric oncology across Scotland

•           To link with the Network for Children and Young People with Cancer

Clinical Governance

As we move well into the 21st century, we need to ensure that the service we provide to patients is constantly improving and developing. Nursing’s core values of caring persist but roles and responsibilities have evolved and the boundaries of nursing have expanded - reflecting the advances in treatment, technology and multi-professional care.

Patients deserve the best clinical outcomes and this is best achieved in a quality integrated service where nurses have the opportunity to network, share best practice ideas and acknowledge the philosophical debates that surround the advances in this complex and rapidly changing specialty.