Post Treatment

When your child’s treatment has ended, they will attend follow-up appointments which involve regular medical check-ups that include a review of their medical history and examinations. Follow-up care may include other tests such as imaging procedures and blood tests.

These follow-up appointments are important as they can help to identify changes in health and possible recurrence. Follow-up care also deals with ongoing problems due to cancer or its treatment, and check for physical and psychosocial effects that may develop months to years after treatment ends.

The frequency of follow-up care depends on the type of cancer, the type of treatment received, and your child’s overall health, including possible treatment-related problems. For information on side effects from cancer treatments, click on the following links: Drugs/Side Effects and Side Effects of treatment.

Many children and parents experience feelings of anxiety during and after treatment; some find it useful to speak to someone about how they are feeling. This can be friends, family, psychologists, counsellors, health professionals and other patients.  Please see our Support Page for support group contacts and information on coping with issues associated with childhood cancer.